Ukrainian defence forces destroy 24 out of 29 Russian kamikaze drones

The Ukrainian defence forces destroyed 24 of 29 Shahed-type Iranian-made kamikaze drones used by Russians overnight on Thursday, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said in a statement.

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The Russian attacked from the southern direction, launching UAVs from the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula.

In total, the Ukrainian defence forces recorded the launch of 29 kamikaze drones.

The Ukrainian Air Force in cooperation with the Defence Forces' air defence units destroyed 24 drones in the Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kirovohrad regions, the defenders said.

Russia has been regularly using kamikaze drones and missiles to attack Ukraine since its full-scale invasion last February.

The attacks intensified last October, when Moscow started targeting energy infrastructure with dozens of missiles at once.

Since then, Kyiv has strengthened its air defences, including with modern Patriot, NASAMS, and IRIS-T complexes donated by Western allies.