Explosions heard in Sevastopol at night as Russian occupation authorities report strikes on airfield
Belbek Airfield (Illustrative photo: Radio Svoboda/Planet)

Explosions rang out overnight in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, as Russian propagandists reported a "massive missile attack" and a strikein the area of the Belbek military airfield.

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At around 2 a.m., the first explosion was reported by Gauleiter Mykhailo Razvozhaev, who claimed the work of anti-aircraft defense "on enemy targets". At the same time, Russian Telegram channels reported that the Kerch bridge was closed.

Later, Razvozhaev stated that several missiles were shot down over the Black Sea and in the area of the Belbek airfield. Later, he reported that rescuers allegedly extinguished a fire caused by falling debris in the area of the village of Polyushko.

According to local Telegram channels, which refer to eyewitnesses, about 20 explosions rang out in Sevastopol at night.

The red marks on the map indicate the hotspots of fires in the area of the occupied airfield.

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On the evening of January 31, 2024, explosions rang out in different parts of Crimea, traces of missiles were visible in the sky. The Russian occupation administration declared an air raid alert and blocked the Crimean bridge.

Then the commander of the Air Force Mykola Oleschuk published a video of the strike on the Russian-captured Belbek airfield in the temporarily occupied Crimea. He said that Ukrainian aviators will definitely return home to their airfield.

On February 1, the former press secretary of the operational command "South" Natalia Humeniuk stated that during the missile attack of the Defense Forces on the airport "Belbek" in the temporarily occupied Crimea on January 31, there were five hits.