De-occupied part of Ukraine's region planned to be demined by end of 2025
Demining (Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

The right-bank area of the Kherson Oblast, which was de-occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fall of 2022, is planned to be demined by the end of 2025, according to the head of the Kherson OVA, Oleksandr Prokudin.

He said that currently 1,100 sappers are working in the region, who have already managed to clear 245,000 hectares of territory, and the decision to strengthen humanitarian demining was made at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine.

"In August (of last year — ed.), we were told that we would be demining for 10 years. But now, thanks to the State Emergency Service, the police, and the Armed Forces, we should be able to demine the right bank by the end of the next 2025," the OVA head said.

He also stated that one of the problematic issues that was raised at previous meetings of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities was the provision of grain storage facilities to farmers, as all grain storage facilities and hangars in the oblast were destroyed as a result of Russian attacks.

Prokudin said that 100 big hangars have already been transferred to local farmers and they are being installed.

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