Pentagon on strikes on Russian territory and oil refineries: US did not give Ukraine such weapons
Pat Ryder (Photo: Pentagon)

The United States did not supply Ukraine with the means used by the Defense Forces to attack oil refineries and other facilities on the territory of Russia, announced the Pentagon's spokesman, Pat Ryder, at a briefing.

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The aid to Ukraine is intended so that it "defends itself and takes back sovereign territory".

"We don't provide any assistance for use outside of that. I'd refer you to Ukraine to talk about their operations. Certainly, our focus is on making sure that they can defend themselves," Ryder said.

Russia suffered a massive overnight attack by drones. The cities where the military airfields of the aggressor's army are located came under attack, videos of explosions appeared.

On the evening of April 4, a series of explosions rang out in Kursk, Russia, followed by fires. Local Telegram channels and Governor Roman Starovoit said that the city was attacked by drones.

After a series of strikes by Ukrainian drones on oil refineries in the Russian Federation, gasoline production fell. In the three weeks of March, Russian oil refineries reduced their production of automobile gasoline by 10%.

On April 2, 2024, a Ukrainian drone hit the primary oil processing facility at the refinery in Nizhekamsk, Tatarstan, after which a fire broke out there.

Strikes by Ukrainian drones caused damage to Russia's oil refining infrastructure, knocking out 10-15% of its capacity.