Situation is difficult on Kherson Oblast's left bank, but defenders still holding a bridgehead
Dmytro Pletenchuk (Photo: Facebook)

Russia attacked the bridgehead held by the Ukrainian military on the east bank of Kherson Oblast three times during the day, but without success, Dmytro Pletenchuk, head of the Strategic Communications Center of the Southern Defense Forces, said on the telethon on the morning of April 30.

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Currently the situation on the east bank is difficult primarily because "in fact, the marines are holding on autonomously, because the Dnipro River is between us and, of course, logistics there are very difficult."

"As well as rotation, as well as evacuation, and other issues. However, they continue to hold their positions, despite the strength of the enemy, which is superior in number. Having established themselves on this bridgehead, the guys are holding on," said Pletenchuk.

Also, on the morning of April 30, the Russian military twice tried to storm the island of Nestryha, but retreated with losses.

"This is the last island from Veletenske. This is the area of the settlements of Veletenske and Kizomys. Not far from them. And in fact, this is the last island before the mouth of the river, the last island on the west bank. Therefore, of course, it is important for us to close this area from possible saboteurs, or from possible enemy exits," said Pletenchuk.

On April 30, the Ukrainian military established control over the island of Nestryha near Kherson.