Ukrainian ambassador comments on Poland's absence at recent Kyiv defense forum
Vasyl Zvarych (Photo: EPA)

Poland was invited to the forum of defense industries in Kyiv, but no one turned up, The Ambassador of Ukraine in Warsaw, Vasyl Zvarych, said in an interview with TVN 24 channel.

The question should be addressed to the Poles, as the country was one of the first to be invited to the event, he stated.

"We invited all of our friendly countries, including defense industry companies. Poland was one of the first to receive this invitation, so we were waiting for the participation of the Polish side," Zvarych said.

He noted that each country decides for itself whether to come or not.

"We send an invitation, and the state decides whether to accept this invitation or not, based on its own interests. Therefore, we respect such decisions, but this is not a reason to blame Ukraine for the absence of Poland," the diplomat concluded.

On September 20, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said that Poland no longer provides Ukraine with any weapons of its own production, because now "we are arming ourselves with the most modern weapons." However, at the same time, Poland "definitely will not risk the security of Ukraine, the transfer of weapons from other allies is still taking place and has not been disturbed in any way," the politician emphasized.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland was "surprised" by the Prime Minister's statement, which was allegedly "not agreed with the department."

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the Prime Minister's words were "taken out of context" and he meant only the new weapons that Poland is buying as part of the modernization of its army.