Pictures emerge of Russian Il-76 crash site near Belgorod. It carried S-300 missiles – UP
The crash site of Il-76 near Belgorod (Photo: resource of the occupiers)

Russian propaganda outlets have published pictures from the crash site of the IL-76 transport plane in Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation.

In the photo, it can be seen that almost nothing remained of the plane after the fall.

Parts of the fuselage were scattered across the field, and a powerful detonation could be seen on the video of the crash.

Ukrainska Pravda, citing sources in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wrote that the plane was carrying S-300 missiles, with which the Russian military is constantly attacking Kharkiv. has reached out to Ukrainian military intelligence for comment.

Місце падіння Іл-76
Il-76 crash site

The video of the moment of the plane's fall can be viewed at the link.

The cause of the aircraft's crash remains unknown at this time.

Russian sources claim 63 people were onboard, and that all perished in the incident.

On January 1, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence reported that an officer of the Russian Investigative Committee was eliminated in Belgorod as a result of strikes on Russian military facilities on December 30, 2023.

On January 5, the miitary intel reported that it conducted a raid in the Graivoronsky district of Belgorod Oblast, when the top military leadership of the Russian army planned an inspection due to alleged complaints from personnel about poor service conditions.

Later, the spy chief Kyrylo Budanov reported that a "quite prominent" person among the Russian officials was seriously injured as a result of the raid.