Slovakia’s new PM opposes military aid to Ukraine, calls for peace talks
Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico. Photo: EPA

Robert Fico, a three-time prime minister of Slovakia who was appointed to lead the country’s government again on Wednesday, has again vowed not to provide any military aid to Ukraine, which needs support of its allies in the wake of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Speaking before an EU summit in Brussels, Mr Fico said he will not support further transfer of weapons to Ukraine.

"It is better to let them [Ukraine and Russia] negotiate peace for 10 years than to kill each other for 10 years without any conclusions," he was quoted as saying by local newspaper Aktuality. "The Russians have more territorial acquisitions than Ukraine."

The Slovak PM, however, said he is ready to help provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid, pointing out a "so big difference" between millions for hospitals, demining, and ammunition.

He also promised to block any sanctions against Russia "unless the consequences of sanctions for individual EU member states are known".

Slovakia has so far been an important supporter of Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s full-scale invasion, donating Soviet-era military equipment, serving as a repair base, providing transit and export routes, and supporting its European integration.

Earlier, Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Mr Fico's government will only make it more difficult but not prevent Kyiv from joining the European Union and NATO.