Czech President on NATO troop presence in Ukraine: Let's not limit ourselves where we shouldn't
French President Macron met with Czech President Pavel in Prague (Photo: EPA/ MICHAL TUREK)

The West should not close off possibilities for supporting Ukraine and need to expand forms of assistance, including a possible presence in Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel stated at a joint press conference with French leader Emmanuel Macron in Paris, as reported by

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Pavel said that this is not about sending combat units but about forms of assistance and "non-combat participation."

"I am in favor of seeking new ways, including continuing the discussion on a possible presence in Ukraine," said the Czech president, stressing that Europe should play a greater role in deterring Russia.

"Let's not limit ourselves where we shouldn't," he stated.

Pavel said it is identical whether Ukrainian soldiers are trained by Western instructors in their home country or directly in Ukraine.

"Ukraine, despite being attacked, remains a sovereign country. It is up to us to choose what form of assistance we provide," he said, reminding that a possible training mission is not a violation of any international rules.

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