President of Lithuania suggests potential Russian attack on NATO hinging on support for Ukraine
Gitanas Nauseda (Photo by EPA/Olivier Matthys)

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda suggested a possible Russian attack on NATO if the occupiers succeed in defeating Ukraine. He said this in an interview with TV3 channel.

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According to him, under a favorable scenario for Moscow, it could pose a real threat to the Alliance within five years.

"I think it's just a desire to create a discussion on equal terms — no one has a definitive answer to the question of when Russia's behavior might change and when it might turn its gaze towards NATO. Much will depend on the scenario of the war in Ukraine," Nauseda said.

He noted that if Russia fails to achieve its goal in Ukraine, it would "get stuck" and be unable to fight on multiple fronts.

The politician said that a Russian attack on NATO "could happen" if the West turns away from Ukraine and stops supporting it.

"But the likelihood of such a scenario is very low. It's about the period during which Russia, as it envisions, could break through the war in Ukraine and turn its face to NATO after mobilizing its resources. And this could happen within five years," concluded the Lithuanian leader.

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