Mass missile attack. Residential building hit in Kharkiv. Falling debris and fire in Kyiv
Consequences of the attack on Kharkiv (Photo: Serhii Bolvinov)

As a result of the combined massive missile attack launched by Russia on Tuesday morning, parked cars were set alight in the Sviatoshynskyi district of Kyiv, the power has gone out and the gas pipeline is on fire in some areas of Kharkiv, representatives of the local authorities and employees of the State Emergency Service reported.

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"Cars are on fire in Svyatoshynskyi district. Several emergency services have been called to Solomyanskyi district," wrote the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko.

Since 7:03 a.m., air defense has been operating in Kyiv, the city military administration reported.

At the same time, a gas pipeline is on fire in Kharkiv, said Serhiy Bolvinov, the head of the Investigative Department of the National Security Service in Kharkiv Oblast.

Four hits were in the suburbs of Kharkiv. Damaged residential buildings in the private sector. According to preliminary data, children received shrapnel injuries there, and a woman was also injured. In another district, the Russians destroyed a sanatorium school for sick children.

Фото: Сергій Болвінов
Photo: Serhii Bolvinov
Фото: Сергій Болвінов
Photo: Serhii Bolvinov

In addition, the electricity went out in some districts of Kharkiv after the attack, Suspilne correspondents report.

Klitschko added that a building and cars are on fire in the Sviatoshynskyi district, and there is preliminary information about debris hitting the kindergarten building. In the Solomyanskyi district, the windows of an apartment building were shattered by the blast wave. Currently, there is no information about the victims. Doctors were called to another address in the Solomyanskyi district.

A non-residential building was hit in the Pecherskyi district of the capital. Emergency services were on their way to the scene.

A fire broke out in several apartments of a residential building in the Solomyanskyi district. Emergency services were on the way.

So far, one victim has been hospitalized by medics in the Solomyanskyi district.

Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov said "as a result of the morning attack, we have a complete destruction of an entry section of an apartment building. Rescuers are now trying to dismantle the rubble in order to find people under it."

According to latest information, there were five casualties at different addresses in the Solomyanskyi district of the capital. All of them are hospitalized, Klitschko said.

Kharkiv regional govenor Oleg Synegubov said as a result of the Russian forces hitting a residential building in Kharkiv, at least two women died, the age of one is known – 59 years old. Four people were hospitalized, including a ten-year-old girl.

On December 29, 2023, the Russian Federation launched a massive attack on Ukraine – air defenses shot down 87 Russian missiles and 27 attack drones. In total, 30 people died and 29 were injured in Kyiv as a result of the Russian attack.

On the morning of January 2, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. According to the State Emergency Service, as a result of the attack, five people died and 127 people were injured.

On January 13, Russia attacked with Kinzhals, X-101, X-22, S-300, X-31P and other missiles. The Air Force shot down eight missiles.