Romania to provide Patriot system to Ukraine
Patriot air defense system (Illustrative photo: NATO)

Romania will provide Ukraine with the Patriot air defense system, as announced by the press service of the Romanian president's administration.

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This decision was made on June 20 by Romania's Supreme Council of National Defence, led by President Klaus Iohannis.

"Romania has supported Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, understanding the dramatic nature of the situation, especially in terms of providing essential defense systems to counteract the aggression initiated by Russia, which targets urban areas and critical infrastructure in Ukraine," the statement reads.

President Iohannis's administration noted that considering the "significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine due to Russia's constant and massive attacks, particularly on the energy sector, and the regional implications of this situation, especially for Romania's security, the Council members, in close coordination with allies, decided to transfer the Patriot system to Ukraine."

At the same time, it is emphasized that the donation will be made on the condition that Romania continues negotiations with allies, especially the United States, to obtain a similar or equivalent air defense system.

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