Russia attacks Kyiv with ballistic missiles, all taken down
An Iskander missile. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Russia fired 10 missiles, including ballistic ones, at Kyiv in the latest attack overnight on Thursday, Ukraine’s Air Force said in a statement.

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The attack occurred at around 02:45 pm, with the Russians firing seven Iskander-M ballistic missiles and three Iskander-M cruise missiles.

The missiles, reportedly fired from the Bryansk region of Russia, were all taken down by air defences, the Air Force said.

However, due to the fall of debris, a 33-year-old woman and a 34-year-old mother with an 11-year-old daughter were killed, the Kyiv police said, with another 11 people injured with varying degrees of severity.

A resident of the capital city also claimed that the bomb shelter to which people ran during the air raid was closed.

Russia has been launching regular air attacks against Ukraine for several weeks, with the apparent aim of depleting Kyiv’s air defences.

So far, Ukraine has repelled most of the attacks, taking down nearly all attack drones and cruise missiles.

In May, Kyiv was attacked eighteen times, including with a record more than forty missiles and drones at the same time.