Ukraine support will go ‘for years’, Russia’s waiting-out won’t work, UK PM pledges

Western support for Kyiv will continue for years, and Russia’s hopes for Ukraine being tired of will not work out, the United Kingdom prime minister pledged.

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Speaking at a defence conference in London, Mr Sunak said Russia’s strategy of "waiting it out…  for people [in the West] to get tired, bored… is not going to work."

"We are now leading a conversation with allies about what longer-term multilateral and bilateral security agreements we can put in place with Ukraine," he was quoted by the Financial Times as saying.

Mr Sunak added that Western pledges of long-term support were designed both to give Ukraine confidence in its ability to defend itself and to deter Russia from continuing the war.

"The right and only course of action for [Russia] to do is to withdraw and stop the conflict," the UK PM stressed.

NATO members are expected to discuss security arrangements for Ukraine at a summit in Vilnius in July.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Polish President Andrzej Duda and other political figures revealed that Western allies are prepared to extend a security model akin to Israel's to Ukraine until its formal accession to NATO.

This assurance comes amidst Ukraine's ongoing efforts to join the alliance, with the intent to bolster its security in the interim period.