Ukrainian military intelligence claims knowledge of Putin's multiple bunkers' locations
Vladimir Putin (Photo: EPA)

Ukrainian military intelligence knows about the location of more than one bunker of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, announced on the air of the national telethon.

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Asked about where Putin's bunker is located, Yusov corrected her, saying "bunkers." He added that intelligence has relevant information and it is regularly updated.

The representative of DIU refused to name the number of bunkers of the Kremlin dictator, noting only: "One of his 'callsigns' is bunkerny". He loves this business very much."

A number of Russian and Western media have been speculating about the bunkers of the Russian dictator for a long time. Last year, The Business Insider published drawings of the underground part of Putin's huge estate in Gelendzhik. On the diagrams one can see an underground complex under the palace, consisting of two separate tunnels connected by an elevator that descends approximately 50 m underground.

Схема тунелів під палацом Путіна (Фото: Business Insider)
Scheme of tunnels under Putin's palace (Photo: Business Insider)