Ukraine's foreign ministry denies Polish journo's claims of Kyiv given tasks by Brussels
Oleg Nikolenko (Photo - Nikolenko's Facebook)

The information published by a number of Polish mass media about the alleged promise of Germany and France to ensure Ukraine's rapid accession to the European Union in exchange for the "overthrow" of the current Polish government is not true, stressed the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko.

Correspondent of the Polish television TVP in Brussels, Dominika Cosic, wrote about such a "promise" on her X (Twitter) account: "Brussels unofficially says that Germany and France promised the Ukrainian authorities a quick accession to the EU, if Kyiv helps to overthrow the current Polish authorities. They argue that by the fact that the EU cannot be expanded without changing the treaties, and Poland in particular blocks these changes."

Some Polish mass media spread this information, but Nikolenko assured that it is not true.

"We categorically reject such insinuations. The Ukrainian side did not receive any such proposals, it never had intentions to interfere in the internal affairs of Poland and has no such intentions now," said the Ministry's spokesman.

He emphasized that Ukraine highly values Poland's support in repelling Russian aggression and support for Ukraine's path to membership in the EU and NATO.

"We are convinced of the failure of efforts to drive a wedge into the high level of respect and cooperation between our peoples. We call on our Polish friends not to give in to attempts at provocations, to work together to effectively counter common challenges," added Nikolenko.