U.S. Unveils Strategy to Fight Corruption in Ukraine, Says Blinken
Anthony Blinken (Screenshot)

At a briefing, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized that the United States has a "clear plan" for Ukraine's future development, aiming to help the country achieve self-sufficiency and overcome corruption.

The current priority is ensuring that the U.S. will assist Ukraine in becoming self-sufficient. To achieve this, he stressed the importance of ongoing support for Kyiv.

"We are working to deepen democratic reforms to help Ukraine fight corruption, which is critical to attracting investment and becoming a strong democratic state," Blinken said.

To facilitate Ukraine's development, even amid wartime conditions, the U.S. will mobilize countries worldwide to aid the Armed Forces of Ukraine in containing and countering Russian aggression.

  • A significant majority of Ukrainians (90%) express a demand for combating corruption, with 68% of citizens considering it Ukraine's top priority for the future.