Ukraine and Switzerland begin preparations for the Global Peace Summit – Zelenskyy
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: The Office of the President of Ukraine)

The countries are jointly beginning preparations for the Global Peace Summit at the leaders' level, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced during a media statement following negotiations with Swiss President Viola Amherd. The head of Sweden noted that the country has already appointed a person who will oversee this issue.

On January 15, the president arrived on a working visit to Switzerland, where he met with the head of the National Council of the Federal Assembly of the country, the head of the Council of Cantons, and the heads of parties and factions of the Federal Assembly.

Президент Володимир Зеленський на зустрічі в Швейцарії (Фото: скриншот з відео)
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at a meeting in Switzerland (Photo: screenshot from the video)

Zelenskyy stated that the countries have agreed to work together on preparing for the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland at the leaders' level and "this summit should energize everything that has already been achieved."

"It [summit] must determine that the end of the war must be exclusively fair, and the restoration of the power of international law – complete. Switzerland is our partner in this," the president emphasized.

Amherd stated that the issue of implementing peaceful initiatives of Kyiv was one of the main ones during her meeting with Zelenskyy.

She confirmed to the Ukrainian president that the country is ready to organize a conference and has already appointed a person who will oversee this.

"Switzerland will always stand for lasting peace. And we are glad that Switzerland can contribute to this," she emphasized.

Zelenskyy also noted Switzerland's efforts in organizing the fourth meeting of advisers on national security and foreign policy regarding the principles of restoring peace in Ukraine, which began on the eve of Davos. The number of represented countries and international organizations at the October meeting in Malta increased by 20% – from 66 to 81.

"There was a significant expansion of representation, already over 80 states and international institutions are involved," he summed up.

Also, Zelenskyy noted that China plays a big role in the world, so Ukraine "would like China to also be involved in the formula, in the summit."

However, according to him, not everything depends on the desire of Ukraine.

"We hope that all civilized countries were involved in the peace summit," added Zelenskyy.

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