Ukrainian soldiers held position for 70 days while surrounded – 225th Assault Battalion
Photo: Facebook of the 225th Separate Assault Battalion

Ukrainian defenders from a combined group of soldiers of the 225th Separate Assault Battalion and the 223rd Marine Infantry Battalion held their position for 70 days while surrounded in a circular defense, as was reported on the battalion's Facebook page.

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The combined group of defenders remained at the position surrounded and without rotation for 70 days, according to the post.

The operation to break through the logistics route to the defenders lasted over two months – while other military units tried to clear the path, the soldiers maintained a circular defense, repelling Russian attacks around the clock.

Meanwhile, drones remained the only supply route for the surrounded soldiers – they delivered ammunition, food and water, the assault battalion noted.

"Despite injuries and constant pressure from the enemy, the soldiers held the position and were rotated out at the first opportunity. The position is ours, the route has been unblocked," the military summarized.

The 225th Assault Battalion does not specify exactly where the event took place, but according to recent posts, this unit was performing combat missions in the area of Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast.

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