Daring Ukrainian covert mission sparks flames at Chelyabinsk airfield in Russia
Su-34 at the Shagol airfield (Photo: Resource of the occupiers)

The incident took place at the Shagol military airfield near Chelyabinsk. The information was revealed by a source within the law enforcement agencies, who spoke to LIGA.net.

According to the source, the Su-34 caught fire at the airfield on the night of January 4, and the operation was attributed to Ukrainian special services.

Shagol is a military airfield near Chelyabinsk, where the 108th Training Aviation Regiment of the Chelyabinsk Military Aviation School and the 2nd Mixed Aviation Regiment of the 21st Mixed Aviation Division of the Russian Aerospace Forces are stationed.

The Su-34 is a Soviet and Russian multifunctional frontline supersonic fighter-bomber designed to attack enemy targets in operational and tactical depth, concentrating efforts at a distance of 150-600 km from the front line under strong air defense resistance. It employs modern electronic warfare means and is capable of engaging air targets day and night, in simple and complex meteorological conditions. Classified as a 4++ generation aircraft, the Su-34 is capable of performing primary combat tasks independently, engaging in maneuverable air combat with enemy fighters on an equal footing thanks to its high combat qualities, allowing it to operate without fighter cover.

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