US: Poland shooting down Russian missiles over Ukraine may be discussed at NATO summit
Matthew Miller (Photo: ERA)

The potential interception of Russian missiles heading towards Poland during attacks on Ukraine could be discussed at the NATO summit in Washington, according to US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller during a briefing.

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On July 8, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk signed a security agreement that includes the possibility of intercepting Russian missiles and drones.

Tusk stated that it's better not to wait until aerial targets enter NATO territory, but to try to shoot them down while they're still over Ukraine.

"We need unambiguous cooperation within NATO for this. Because these kinds of actions still require joint NATO responsibility," he said.

Miller said that this issue could indeed be raised at the NATO summit "if he [Tusk] would like to do so."

"I don’t have any changes when it comes to either U.S. policy or NATO policy to announce today, but obviously any time a NATO member wants to raise a policy, they have the ability to do so and discuss it with other heads of state," the spokesperson said.

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