Russia's Belgorod Oblast abolishes 'counter-terrorist operation' decision

23.05.2023, 18:12
Russia's Belgorod Oblast abolishes 'counter-terrorist operation' decision - Photo
Russia - prison of nations (Photo - EPA)

The administration of Belgorod Oblast bordering Ukraine decided to cancel the "legal regime of the counter-terrorist operation", which was introduced on May 22 after fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the "Freedom of Russia" legion entered the region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced on Tuesday.

Gladkov wrote on Telegram that a document on the relevant decision had been published. The Russian governor failed to report on the results of the "operation", but the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation previously announced "the destruction of the 'adversary'."

Earlier today, Gladkov stated that some Telegram channels were spreading information about a new "entry of a sabotage and reconnaissance group" – now in the Borisov district. But, according to him, the FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Defense Ministry did not confirm this information. Gladkov assured that "the military is working hard."

Yesterday, the Russians evacuated people from nine settlements due to hostilities in Belgorod Oblast. The press secretary of the Russian dictator, Dmitry Peskov, expressed "deep concern" over the hostilities in the border region. He refused to answer journalists' questions about why the "clearing" has been going on for more than a day.

On the morning of May 22, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" reported crossing the border with the Russian Federation, and they again entered Belgorod Oblast. Ukraine's Defense Intelligence explained in a comment to that Russian fighters operate autonomously on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Later, HUR reported that an emergency evacuation of the Belgorod-22 facility, where the Russians store ammunition for nuclear weapons, began in Belgorod Oblast.

A "regime of counter-terrorist operation" was introduced in the region, which provided for "special measures and temporary restrictions".

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