Evacuation of two hospitals underway in Kyiv due to claims of possible Russian strike
Kyiv (Photo: Unsplash)

The evacuation of two hospitals, one of which is a children's hospital, located on Bohatyrska Street in Kyiv, has begun urgently due to Russian provocation regarding a strike on these medical facilities, as they allegedly house military personnel, the Kyiv City State Administration (KMDA) reported.

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The KMDA noted that this is happening because a video is being widely circulated on Internet media, essentially announcing an enemy attack on these medical facilities.

"This is an absolute lie and provocation by the enemy, which they are trying to use to attack the social infrastructure of the capital," the KMDA said.

To protect sick children, their parents, and medical personnel, the Kyiv authorities are now doing everything possible to transfer patients and doctors to other medical facilities in the capital.

"The city has asked for help from the SBU and the Ministry of Health, informing them of the measures being taken to protect the lives and health of patients and staff of medical institutions," the KMDA said.

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