259 Ukrainians already evacuated from Gaza, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry says
Gaza Strip (Photo: EPA, Mohammed Saber)

As of Friday, Ukraine managed to evacuate 259 people from the Gaza Strip during the first stage of evacuation, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko told LIGA.net.

Eight Ukrainians were evacuated from Gaza to Egypt on Friday, and another 26 were taken from Egypt to Moldova.

"Our diplomats assisted them in moving to Ukraine. In total, during the first stage of the evacuation, Ukraine managed to evacuate 259 people from Gaza," he stated.

Last week, Nikolenko wrote that 358 Ukrainians wanted to leave Gaza. These are mostly women and children.

On November 8, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine had successfully evacuated the first group of 43 Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip.

On November 11, the Defense Intelligence published photos and videos of citizens evacuated from the Gaza Strip, who have already arrived in Moldova from Egypt and are returning to Ukraine.