Explosions in Odesa. Ukraine shot down two Russian air missiles, there are casualties from debris
Photo: EPA

Explosions were heard in Odesa during an air raid alert, a LIGA.net journalist reported.

The military warned of a missile threat. It was later reported that two missiles were shot down and three people were injured by debris.

14:15. Air raid alert declared – the threat of the use of air weapons.

14:29. The Air Force warned of the movement of a Russian missile toward the city.

14:32. About five explosions were heard within a minute, a LIGA.net journalist reported.

14:44. Threat has been lifted.

UPDATED at 15:58. The Air Force reported that the occupiers attacked with two guided air missiles Kh-59 – the Odesa Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade shot them down.

Defense Forces of the South reported that debris fell in some areas of Odesa, and a child was injured and hospitalized.

16:12. As a result of the missile strike on Odesa, three people were injured and hospitalized: two of them are children aged 15 and 10, the head of the regional administration Oleh Kiper reported.

People were injured by falling debris, all injuries are minor, and there is no threat to life, he said.

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