Zelenskyy on Western help in defeating Iranian attack on Israel: I was shocked
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: EPA)

Western countries helped Israel repel a recent attack by Iran, even though the country is not a member of NATO and does not have a strong document with the Alliance, as stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with Hugo Décrypte, emphasizing that he was shocked by such a reaction from the allies.

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Zelenskyy said he was shocked by the West's reaction to the Iranian attacks on Israel. He clarified that after Iran attacked Israel there were victims, but their number is small and in any case, they deserve sympathy. However, the president stated that the allies helped Israel even though the country is not a member of NATO.

He also said that he did not see a very serious and strong document between France and Israel, such as between the US and Israel, or a similar document between Israel and NATO.

"That is, we just saw the armies, pilots, and weapons of several allied states destroy 99% of everything that was flying from Iran toward the heads of Israelis. That's what we saw with you. And why I was shocked, because: what's wrong with us? What's wrong with the Ukrainians?" the president said.

He said that the US Congress, with the beginning of the crisis and challenges in the Middle East, began to pay attention to this problem, and the same was done by the American media.

"Let's be honest, today they are mostly looking at what is happening in Israel, in Gaza, in the Middle East in general," he said.

The president noted that due to the situation with Israel and Iran, less attention and time is given to Ukraine, which means less attention from its society. Zelenskyy added that if society reacts less, then there is less responsibility among political leaders, and therefore assistance may be reduced.

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