Zelenskyy's office on his reaction to Orban's ceasefire proposal: Listened, but presented own view
Ihor Zhovkva (Photo: The Office of the President of Ukraine)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in response to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's proposal to "cease fire and then negotiate with Russia," presented his own vision for achieving peace, Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Ihor Zhovkva said during a TV marathon.

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Answering a question about the Presidential Office's and the President's reaction to Orban's words during the press conference, Zhovkva noted that the talks initially took place in a tête-à-tête format, then with delegations, and this position was voiced during these meetings.

"Yes, he expressed his opinion. By the way, I'll tell you that this isn't the first country to talk about such a possible scenario. The President of Ukraine listened to his interlocutor but in response presented his position – Ukraine's position, which is quite clear, understandable, and known," said the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office, referring to Ukraine's peace formula.

He emphasized that Ukraine desires peace and has the necessary tools for this – the first Peace Summit has been held and preparation for the second is ongoing.

As Zhovkva noted, in the process of preparing for this summit, Ukraine will develop a draft plan with all states ready for it, including Hungary. Then, if Russia is ready to discuss this plan rather than speak in ultimatums, the presence of Russian representatives at the second summit could be considered.

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