Russian propaganda Telegram channels have published a first-person video showing the moment when the Tsezar Kunikov large landing ship was destroyed by Ukrainian defense forces on February 14. 

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They tried to repel the Ukrainian drones for about 40 minutes, according to the occupiers. The subscriber of the Russian propagandist who shared the footage claims that the Tsezar Kunikov ship was attacked by 10 unmanned boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, four of which were allegedly destroyed by the occupiers.

"The fifth UAV hit the LST (large landing ship – ed.) in the stern, thereby immobilizing the ship, after which the next four UAVs hit the ship one by one on the port side in the midship (middle part of a ship – ed.) and closer to the stern, to capsize the ship (due to the influx of a large amount of water from one side). The ninth UAV partially entered the hole made by the previous UAV and exploded practically inside," the Russian said.

The enemy claims that it was impossible to save the ship because the list was increasing and the ship was sinking.

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