The UK government has released a video showcasing the transportation of several hundred anti-tank Brimstone missiles it is providing to Ukraine, as reported by the UK Ministry of Defence on Twitter.

Today, UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps announced that as part of the latest package of military aid to Ukraine, Britain is supplying Ukrainian defenders with an additional 200 precision-guided Brimstone anti-tank missiles.

"This assistance plays a crucial role in deterring Russian advances," the defense department stated.

The video displayed the Brimstone missiles for Ukraine being transported to an unnamed airfield, with further details of the military aid's route not disclosed.

Brimstone missiles can strike the most challenging targets with a single shot, minimizing the risk of collateral damage. The Royal Air Force of Great Britain has used Brimstone missiles in Afghanistan and Libya. The precision and controlled explosion of Brimstone also makes it an ideal weapon for close air support.


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