On the Avdiivka front, soldiers of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade stopped the enemy's offensive and eliminated an "elite" group of occupiers and Russian equipment, as shown in a video published on the brigade's page.

Ukrainian soldiers reported the "defeat" of the assault group of the 15th Separate Guards Brigade, which is considered "elite" in Russia.

"This happened thanks to successful strikes by a company of strike UAVs in cooperation with legendary Bradley crews," the 47th brigade reported and announced a new video on March 2 with "even more eliminated Russian occupiers."

Bradley is the main infantry fighting vehicle of the mechanized forces of the US Army. The vehicle is designed to transport infantry units on the battlefield, conduct combat from the vehicle, and provide fire support. It was used by US forces in the wars in the Persian Gulf and Iraq. The US sent the first batch of Bradley fighting vehicles to Ukraine on January 30, 2023. In their "briefings," the Russians began lying about the "destruction" of Bradleys even before Ukraine received them.

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