Ukrainian soldiers of the Khortytsia Operational-Strategic Group attacked a Russian video-thermo-surveillance complex Murom-M in the Belgorod region, the spokesman of the Khortytsia OSG Nazar Voloshyn told

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He said it was a "fairly high-value" enemy target that Ukrainian fighters destroyed with the help of a drone and several bombing runs.

As a result of the strike, Voloshyn said that Ukrainian fighters deprived the occupiers of "eyes" – the ability to observe the actions of the Defense Forces.

The group added that the Russian complex was hit in the area of the settlement of Nehoteyevka in the Belgorod region.

The corresponding video was published by the Khortytsia OSG on its official channel.

ZSU hits high-value target near Belgorod, Russia: deprives occupiers of "eyes" – video
Nehotivka on the GoogleMaps map
REFERENCE. The "Murom-M" is a long-range visual observation device that autonomously detects personnel and equipment. It is equipped with an optical camera with a good zoom, which can distinguish a person at a distance of up to 10 km, and a thermal imager, which can detect a car at 8 km and a person at 4 km. The Murom observation systems are installed near the border in Russia or on high objects in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.