Iran boosts missile production after Russia supply deal – Reuters
The flag of Iran (Photo: Neil Hall/EPA)

Iran has significantly expanded two key ballistic missile production facilities, following an October 2022 agreement in which Tehran allegedly agreed to supply missiles to Russia, Reuters reports. 

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The information comes from three unnamed Iranian officials and two U.S. researchers who analyzed satellite photos.

The article states that Iran's arsenal is already the largest in the Middle East, estimated at over 3,000 missiles, including modifications designed to carry conventional and nuclear warheads.

Images taken by commercial satellite company Planet Labs of the Modarres military base in March and the Khojir production complex in April show over 30 new structures.

The photos reveal numerous structures surrounded by large earthen berms, which Jeffrey Lewis from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies says are associated with missile production and designed to prevent explosions in one building from detonating neighboring structures. Lewis analyzed the satellite images and noted that the expansions began at Khojir last August and at Modarres in October.

Three Iranian officials anonymously confirmed to Reuters that the facilities are being expanded to increase ballistic missile production. One official mentioned that some new buildings will also double drone production.

Drones and missile components will be sold to Russia, drones will be provided to the Houthis, and missiles to Hezbollah, one Iranian official told Reuters.

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