Avoiding chaos: Biden signs short-term budget to prevent shutdown
Joe Biden (Photo by EPA)

President Joe Biden has signed into law H.R. 2872, which provides temporary funding for the federal government until early March to avert a partial shutdown. This information is reported on the White House website.

Without this law, funding would have ceased on January 20, leading to a partial shutdown and the suspension of operations for certain federal agencies.

According to the document, it is anticipated that four out of the 12 budget programs will receive funding until March 1, while the remaining eight will be funded until March 8.

On Thursday, January 18, both chambers of the U.S. Congress passed the corresponding bill for temporary funding.

The passage of this legislation is significant for Ukraine because, following budgetary matters, the U.S. Congress is set to address an additional request from the administration of President Joe Biden for $106 billion, which includes funds for financial and military assistance to Ukraine.

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