Canada to supply Ukraine with 2000 CRV7 rocket motors
Bill Blair (Photo: TOMS KALNINS/EPA)

Canada will deliver approximately 2000 decommissioned CRV7 rocket motors to Ukraine, a move advocated by Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, back in February. In addition, Canada will provide 29 Nanuk remote weapons systems and 130,000 rounds of small arms ammunition, Defense Minister Bill Blair announced during the Ukraine Defense Contract Group meeting, according to The Globe and Mail.

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The Canadian government confirmed that Ukraine would receive decommissioned CRV7 rocket motors previously used by the country's Air Force. Ottawa decided to transfer approximately 2000 units, with deliveries set to begin in the coming weeks.

Canadian officials initially said over the winter that they were considering the request for CRV7 rocket motors, but warned that they could be "unstable" after decades of storage, posing risks during use and transportation.

Currently, the CRV7 rockets have undergone tests "to ensure their viability," the government said.

"As further testing results are made available, Canada will assess the feasibility of additional CRV7 motor donations," noted the Canadian Ministry of Defense.

Blair added that his country would also supply Ukraine with 29 surplus Nanuk remote weapons systems and over 130,000 rounds of small arms ammunition.

REFERENCE. The CRV7 (Canadian Rocket Vehicle 7) is a Canadian 70mm unguided air rocket with folding fins, designed for ground target strikes. The Canadian Ministry of Defense has 83,303 such rockets, most of them tubes with rocket motors but no warheads. These rockets were decommissioned in the early 2000s.

Nanuk is a remote weapon station developed by Rheinmetall in Canada. It is used for light and medium-caliber armaments and can be mounted on any type of armored vehicle.

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