Zaporizhzhia regional governor announces plans to construct first five bomb-shelter schools
Zaporizhzhia. Illustrative image (Photo: EPA)

The first five underground schools are planned to be built in Zaporizhzhia Oblast: three in Zaporizhzhia, two more in Zaporizhzhia district, regional governor Ivan Fedorov announced.

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The Ministry of Education and Science approved the first projects of the regional team: the total amount of subvention from the state is up to 500 million hryvnias ($12.6 million).

The head of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration said that these schools will become an educational platform for children of several districts of the regional center and several settlements of the region.

"We are announcing the first construction tenders this week," he added.

On April 1, the mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, in an interview with, said that the construction of an underground school in the city was almost finished in order to protect children from the Russian attacks.

Підземні заняття для дошкільнят у харківському метро (Фото: EPA)
Underground classes for preschoolers in the Kharkiv metro (Photo: EPA)

Fedorov reported that the Russian troops are striking Zaporizhzhia from a distance of 60 km. The missiles arrive in 30-40 seconds, and more air defense systems are badly needed.

The governor also noted that in the region, the authorities managed to collect more than UAH 1 billion ($25.1 million) of budget funds for fortification and the needs of the Defense Forces: thanks to the suspension of all expenditures, except for the military.

On the afternoon of April 28, the Russian occupation army launched a missile attack on an industrial facility in Zaporizhzhia.