Cameron on Russian assets: instead of freezing them, let there be advance toward reparations
Volodymyr Zelenskyy and David Cameron (Photo: OP)

British Foreign Minister David Cameron in Washington, where he is scheduled to meet with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, said he supports the idea of using Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine, reports Sky News.

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He stated that there are strong arguments in favor of seizing the frozen Russian assets and using them to rebuild Ukraine.

"Instead of just freezing that money, let's take that money, spend it on rebuilding Ukraine, and that is, if you like, a downpayment on reparations that Russia will one day have to pay for the illegal invasion that they've undertaken," emphasized Cameron before the meeting.

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According to Cameron, he has "looked at all the arguments and so far, I haven't seen anything that convinces me this is a bad idea."

He called on the US to approve new funding for Ukraine after Republicans refused to support a bill in the Senate.

"If the US votes through the Ukraine support package, it will give enormous fillip to European countries," the British Foreign Secretary said.

On October 28, 2023, the leaders of the EU countries during the summit in Brussels approved the plan, which provides for the direction of billions of euros of profits received from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine.

On November 15, the Czech government decided to freeze all Russian state assets.

On December 1, Switzerland froze financial assets belonging to Russian citizens and companies worth 7.7 billion Swiss francs ($8.81 billion) as part of sanctions for military aggression against Ukraine.

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