Latvian DM: Country ready to provide Ukraine with short-range air defense
Andris Sprūds (Photo: EPA)

On April 22, Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds announced the government's readiness to transfer a short-range air defense system to Ukraine in a media statement.

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He said some countries have Patriot systems, and some countries do not.

"But it's not just about Patriot systems. Of course, the Patriot systems are very important. This was underlined by our Ukrainian partners. But at the same time, if we are talking about air defense, then we are talking about a quite wide spectrum of air defense systems," the head of the Latvian Defense Ministry noted.

Sprūds said that Latvia is ready to contribute to Ukraine's air defense.

"We are talking about a multi-layered approach. So, of course, it will be short-range air defense," he added.

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