Zelensky corroborates NYT report of US delivering first Abrams tanks to help Ukraine
Abrams M1A1 tank (Photo: Flickr)

The American newspaper The New York Times, citing unnamed US defense officials, writes that the first batch of Abrams tanks, promised to Ukraine by the administration of President Joe Biden, is already on the battlefield. President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed this.

The interlocutors of the journalists noted that the arrival of the Abrams in Ukraine was first reported on Saturday.

More tanks will be sent in the coming months, the sources added. They noted that the tanks that were sent to Ukraine two days ago were the first of 31 units that the Biden administration pledged to send to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Later, Zelensky confirmed in his Telegram channel that Abrams tanks "are already in Ukraine and are preparing to reinforce our brigades."

At the beginning of 2023, the United States promised Ukraine 31 Abrams M1A2 tanks.

Biden announced on September 22 that the first batch of these tanks will arrive in Ukraine "next week".

At the opening of the Ramstein meeting on September 19, the Pentagon chief, Lloyd Austin, emphasized that the promised American Abrams tanks "soon will be in Ukraine."

On August 7, the United States approved the shipment of the first batch of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, and it was announced that they would arrive by the beginning of fall.

Citing sources in the Pentagon, Politico stated that Ukraine may receive the first batch of American M1 Abrams tanks as early as mid-September, and the West hopes that the equipment will help in the offensive.