Politico: New high-precision, long-range GLSDB bombs may arrive in Ukraine tomorrow
HIMARS (Photo - Reznikov's Twitter)

The Pentagon has successfully tested a new high-precision, long-range bomb (GLSDB) for Ukraine, expected to arrive on the battlefield as early as Wednesday, January 31st, according to a report by Politico, citing a U.S. official and three other individuals familiar with the negotiations.

Journalistic sources noted that Ukraine will receive the first batch of Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs – a brand-new, long-range weapon manufactured by Boeing, which is currently not even in the inventory of the U.S. military.

The new bomb, capable of flying about 90 miles (approximately 145 km), is expected to be a "significant capability for Ukraine," a U.S. official told the publication.

"It gives them a deeper strike capability they didn’t have, complementing their long-range fire arsenal," said the source.

The weapon, jointly developed by Boeing and Saab, consists of a high-precision 250-pound (113 kg) bomb attached to a rocket motor and can be launched from various ground installations. The U.S. Army has a similar air-launched version of the bomb but does not yet have a ground-launched version in its arsenal.

The U.S. Army oversaw the testing of the new high-precision bomb before granting permission for its shipment to Ukraine, according to a defense industry source speaking to journalists,

The air-launched version of the bomb was created in 2019, but despite successful testing, Boeing and Saab did not sell it until the U.S. decided to transfer it to Ukraine as part of an assistance package.

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