Duda warns Putin seeks global chaos, terms current war most violent display of imperialism
Andrzej Duda (Photo: EPA/GIAN EHRENZELLER)

Polish President Andrzej Duda said at the Ukrainian breakfast in Davos that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had decided to "set the world on fire," reports The Guardian.

"I’m absolutely sure that we can say, 30 years after the Soviet Union collapsed, that now we are witnessing the rebirth of Russian imperialism in its bloodthirsty version.
Without any doubts, Putin decided to set the world in fire," said the Polish leader.

Duda called on the world not to succumb to fatigue because of the war in Ukraine. He warned that the new "coalition of evil" is ready to take any risk for the sake of managing the world order.

"Ukranians must decide their own future, he continues – no-one else can decide it. And the conflict will only end with Moscow’s full retreat. They are the aggressor, who attacked an independent and sovereign country," he concluded.

On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron warned against appeasing Putin.

On Thursday, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, said that American lawmakers oppose Putin, but the "status quo [in Ukraine] cannot be maintained."