Russia strikes Dnipro with ballistic missiles: seven injured – photos
Consequences of the Russian attack on the Dnipro on July 1 (Photo: Serhiy Lysak)

On the night of July 1, Russian occupation forces launched missile attacks on Dnipro, damaging a supermarket, nearby shops, and houses, as reported by Suspilne correspondents from the scene.

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Russia carried out three ballistic missile strikes on the city overnight: the first at 01:59, followed by the second and third explosions minutes later.

Suspilne notes that the attack blew out windows in high-rise buildings and severely damaged a supermarket and adjacent stores.

At 07:31, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration head Serhiy Lysak confirmed the ballistic missile strikes and clarified that seven people were injured.

"Among them is a 15-year-old boy. One woman has been hospitalized, others will receive outpatient treatment," he wrote.

A store in a residential area was damaged. Roofs and windows in private homes and apartment buildings were shattered. Information is still being updated.

Пошкоджений супермаркет (Фото: Суспільне)
A damaged supermarket (Photo: Souspilne)
Фото: Суспільне
Photo: Public
Фото: Суспільне
Photo: Public

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