South Korea ties Ukraine support to Russia-North Korea cooperation
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Illustrative image (Photo: EPA)

The country will decide on supporting Ukraine based on how the new military pact between North Korea and Russia develops, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said in an interview with Reuters.

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He stated that it "entirely depends" on Russia where it wants to develop future ties with South Korea, and emphasized that Seoul will decide on supporting Ukraine with weapons depending on how the new military pact between Moscow and Pyongyang evolves.

"Military cooperation between Russia and North Korea poses a distinct threat and grave challenge to the peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in Europe," he stated.

The South Korean leader believes that Russia will "sensibly decide which side – the South or the North – is more important and necessary for its own interests."

"The future of ROK-Russia relations depends entirely on Russia's actions," he added.

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