White House explains why protecting the sky, like in Israel is impossible in Ukraine
John Kirby (Photo: EPA)

US fighter jets will not participate in repelling Russian airstrikes in Ukraine as they did for Israel, helping repulse a massive Iranian attack overnight on April 13, John Kirby, US National Security Communications Advisor, announced at a briefing.

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"Different conflicts, different airspace, different threat picture," Kirby said.

He stated that the direct involvement of NATO forces in the conflict with Russia would be a dangerous escalation.

Kirby emphasized that at the beginning of the Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, US President Joe Biden made it clear that the country would not participate in hostilities.

The US National Security Council representative emphasized that Washington provided Ukraine with the means it needs to protect its airspace.

"We can't do that right now because we don't have that national security supplemental funding that they [Ukrainians] so desperately need," Kirby said, referring to the aid package blocked in the US Congress.

Late in the evening on April 13, 2024, the IDF press service reported that Iran launched drones from its territory towards Israel.

US President Joe Biden publicly stated that US forces helped Israel shoot down almost all drones and missiles launched by Iran.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Iran's massive attack on Israel, urging sides to prevent a larger-scale regional conflict.

On April 15, US forces in the Middle East said that during a massive Iranian air attack on Israel, they intercepted "at least" six ballistic missiles and more than 80 attack drones.