Ukrainian drone hits Russian interior ministry’s office in Kursk- sources
Photo: Russian sources

A Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle hit an office of the Russian interior ministry in the city of Kursk on Monday, sources in Ukrainian defence intelligence told

Earlier this morning, Russian media reported that explosions had been heard and black smoke was rising over one of the districts of Kursk and posted video from street surveillance cameras.

Roman Starovoit, the head of the Kursk region, confirmed the attack of Ukrainian drones, saying that they had damaged "several private houses and the roof of the administrative building".

It is the second attack on Kursk in a row, following yesterday’s reports of an explosion at a Russian federal security service (FSB) facility in the city centre. An oil refinery near the Kursk airfield was hit as well.

Ukraine has been using drones to strike targets in Russia for months, aiming at military and oil facilities.

In Russian-annexed Crimea, Ukrainian forces have also used their own Neptun missiles, targeting air defence systems as well.