ZSU: Russians have started scorched earth tactics in Donbas, destroying everything with KAB bombs
Su-34 fighter-bomber (Photo: resource of the occupiers)

In Donbas, the Russians have resorted to the "scorched earth" tactic, which involves destroying positions and buildings with guided aviation bombs, as was reported by the spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces, Illia Yevlash, in a comment to LIGA.net.

The occupiers use Ka-52 and Mi-8 helicopters, which strike with unguided aviation rockets.

He said that the enemy continues to drop guided aviation bombs (KABs) from Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft.

"Unfortunately, they have a lot of KABs. They modernize them and produce something of their own. And now their scorched earth tactics have changed, when they use two to six KABs every day, which can be carried by one bomber. They even use them to destroy a mortar or tank crew position. Whatever specifically interferes with them, they can drop a KAB there," said Yevlash.

The military man explained that there are problems with the accuracy of bombs, but when 500, 1000, and 1500 kg munitions hit a position or building, they destroy it.

Yevlash said that the task of the Defense Forces of Ukraine now is to develop air defense and electronic warfare capabilities.

"To shoot down the course coordinates of these guided aviation bombs and seek countermeasures specifically against aviation, because now they are primarily betting on this, because aviation works in favor of infantry, in favor of their offensive units. It will be very difficult for them without aviation," he said.

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