Ukraine strikes at Crimea airfield, destroys equipment- sources
The Saki military airfield. Photo: Igor Bubin

The Ukrainian security service, or SBU, and the Navy launched a large-scale attack on the Saki military airfield in Russian-annexed Crimea, has learned.

Sources told there had been at least 12 combat aircraft, including Su-24 and Su-30, at the airfield, as well as Pantsyr surface-to-air missile systems.

In addition, the airfield hosted a training base for Iranian-made Mojaher unmanned aerial vehicles.

"These are the drones used by the Russians to coordinate their own air attacks and as a combat strike drone," the sources said.

The Ukrainians used drones to overload Russian air defences and then struck with Neptun missiles, which "hit the target and caused serious damage to the occupiers' equipment," they added.

Russian media confirmed serious destruction and losses at the Saki airfield as well, reporting that at least 30 Russian troops had died.

The attack is the latest in a series of strikes on the Russian-annexed peninsula, where Ukrainian forces have been targeting military infrastructure used in Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Last week, the Sevastopol shipyard, in Russian-annexed Crimea, came under attack, leaving two ships of the Russian Black Sea fleet damaged and two dozen troops injured.

Ukrainian Air Force commander Mykola Oleshchuk hinted that the shipyard had been targeted by Ukrainian forces with UK-provided Storm Shadow missiles.