Zelenskyy believes that Ukrainian men should be in Ukraine. It's not obligatory for them to fight
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Screenshot)

Ukrainian men living abroad should contribute to Ukraine, at least by paying taxes. If they fail even in this aspect, there are "questions" for them, said President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a press conference with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

"There are no questions about Ukrainian citizens who left from the very beginning of the war. There are people, men and women of different ages, who left, and it's understandable - there was a war. That's one part. The second part is that we've regained 50% of the occupied territory, we've repelled the enemy, and our boys have been fighting for two years," he said.

However, the situation has changed, so at least the men should return, the president added.

"It is important not only to defend Ukraine on the front but also to pay taxes to the budget," he said.

In his opinion, Ukrainians of the conscription age should be in Ukraine, not abroad.

"I'm not saying now that someone should go to the front and someone shouldn't. There's a law. For one soldier there are 6-8 taxpayers, and if you're in Ukraine, not on the front, but working and paying taxes, you're still defending the state, and that's very important. But if you're abroad, of mobilization age, not at the front, not paying taxes, and you left the country illegally - then there are questions," the president emphasized.

He explained that paying taxes is crucial because "there will be no money for the military, and without money, there will be no military, and without a military, there will be no one to defend Ukraine. These are the rules of life.

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