Special forces of Ukrainian defence intelligence, or GUR, carried out another operation in Russian-annexed Crimea and inflicted fire on Russian troops, it revealed on Wednesday.

The combat mission was carried out by fighters of the Stuhna and Bratstvo [Fraternity] units, which are part of GUR special forces.

They landed in Crimea and "inflicted fire damage on the occupiers", the statement read.

The video shows the special forces sailing to the peninsula on water scooters and with the GUR flag, filmed by a drone.

"The defence intelligence of Ukraine has made another landing in Crimea. Crimea will either be Ukrainian or deserted," reads the comment to the video.

The operation is one of the biggest in a series of attacks on the Russian-annexed peninsula, where Ukrainian forces have been targeting military infrastructure used in Russia’s full-scale invasion.

In August, Ukraine’s defence military intelligence, supported by the Navy, carried out an operation in Crimea involving boats and aircraft.