The Belgian Defense Ministry has released footage of Ukrainian pilots training on F-16 fighters at a base in Denmark, as reported by the Belgian Defense Ministry website.

The Defense Ministry stated that in the second half of 2024, Belgium will send 50 of its soldiers and two aircraft to Denmark to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters.

In the video, a Ukrainian serviceman named Ihor explained that his job is to learn how to organize flight shifts, control the direction of aircraft for repair, and determine the people who will service the equipment.

"If we want to develop the Air Force, we must draw on the experience of other countries that have already gone through this stage," he said.

On March 18, the airbase in Denmark where Ukrainian pilots are training was visited by Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder and Chief of Defense of the Belgian Armed Forces Michel Hofman.

"As a minister, I am proud that our air component can participate in this important training program for Ukrainian pilots, support, and technical personnel. For the operation of F-16s, the technical part is as important as the flight part, so the Ministry of Defense is cooperating with our partners in the Belgian defense industry not only to train Ukrainian technicians but also to provide technical support," said Dedonder.

The Minister stated that these steps, combined with the efforts of coalition partners, have helped to achieve a combined and successful approach to the creation of a modern Ukrainian Air Force capable of protecting the state in the medium and long term.

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