National Guard of Ukraine troops shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in Donetsk Oblast, according to a military press service report.

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"Guardsmen detected an enemy Su-25, also known as 'Grach' (Rook), on a combat mission," the statement said.

The military emphasized that they destroyed the enemy aircraft using an Igla man-portable air-defense system.

The video shows the plane was shot down on June 23, but the footage was only released on the 28th.

The Su-25 "Grach" is a Soviet-era attack aircraft, an armored subsonic military plane. It is designed for direct support of ground forces over the battlefield day and night with direct target visibility, as well as for destroying objects with predetermined coordinates round-the-clock in any weather conditions. Aircraft of this type have been in operation since 1981 and have participated in many military conflicts.

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